Delivery time between 2 - 4 business days. Free shipping from €29,95 and free returns (Peninsula)

Delivery time between 2 - 4 business days. Free shipping from €29,95 and free returns (Peninsula)


We are a textile company founded in 1987. Euromoda is specialized in home textiles, manufacturing 90% of the production in our own facilities.
Own manufacturing is our competitive advantage compared to other companies in the sector, since we control the entire production process, pampering to the maximum the development of our products, to ensure maximum quality in all of them.
Reception of the tissue
Preparation of the tissue
Design of drawings
Digital and vaporized printing
Washing and softening
Revised and rolled

Our know-how ranges from digital printing to making articles, such as Duvet Cover, sheets, Bouti bedspreads, curtains, cushions, masks ... and in general, all kinds of textile articles.

Other advantages of manufacturing in our own company are the ability to achieve rapid deliveries and adapt the collections and qualities to the requirements set by the market and our clients. In addition, we have our own design department from which we design our own collections following the latest trends in home textiles.

Year after year, we develop collections with highly prestigious brands such as Devota & Lomba, Pantone, Beverly Hills Polo Club, Munich, Emoji and Haciendo el Indio.

In addition, we develop our own collections for home textiles with brands that have already earned market recognition such as Naturals, Icehome, Costura and Cool Kids.

In children's textiles and cribs, we present every year a large assortment of products for the smallest of the house, including the manufacture of Nordic sacks.

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